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It is a pleasure to introduce A&A Companion Services LLC as an APD approved provider in the Central Region area. We provide the following services: Personal Support, Respite, and Life Skills (Companion).

Our primary mission is our clients who seek interdependence of daily living while also offering support to their loved ones that care for them. When referring your clients to A&A Companion Services LLC, you are putting them in the hands of an agency who cares. Our home care management has over 17 years of experience in the field. We would like to extend an invitation to allow our organization to provide quality services to your clients.

Presently, our contractors are fluent in English with accessibility to a Spanish speaking interpreter and they have ample knowledge and experience working with people with disabilities.

We are currently accepting clients in Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Seminole counties and look forward to expanding services to other locations in the Central Region in the near future.

A&A Companion Services LLC genuinely has a desire and heart for those with disabilities. At times they are often forgotten or abandoned when they have needs and cannot provide for themselves. There is an entire community of individuals that do not have the necessary resources
and care that they need and I am here as their representation.

We would appreciate the opportunity to refer clients to us. Please send required information and
authorizations to info@aacompanionservicesllc.com. For more information, you may contact us
at 407-495-7498 or email at pattyalbert05@gmail.com.


Patricia Albert,
A&A Companion Services LLC

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